Reduction to "Stage 2 (Restricted - Medium)" crisis management stage as of June 8 and future actions

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Reduction to "Stage 2 (Restricted - Medium)" crisis management stage as of June 8 and future actions


June 5th, 2020


On May 29, Hokkaido's "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infections" was formulated, and all closure requests for facilities were lifted from June 1. In accordance with this, Hokusei has decided to lower the crisis management stage to "Stage 2 (Restricted-Medium)" as of June 8.

While Hokkaido is required to prevent the spread of infection by practicing the "New Hokkaido Life Style," the restrictions will be gradually eased from June. Since Hokusei is a university in which students are expected to earn credits by attending school, it is hoped that face-to-face classes will be reopened in the first semester if the risk of the new coronavirus is further decreased. As there is a possibility that the infection may spread again, we are carefully assessing the situation while confirming the information.

We will continue to monitor the spread of the infection approximately every two weeks and work towards a gradual lifting of the on-campus restrictions.

However, please be aware that if an infection alert is issued, the crisis management stage may be raised again in order to protect life and health as well as the practice of university education.

Stage 2

Restriction - Middle

Academic Response In principle, only non-face-to-face classes (including remote and online classes) are allowed.
Faculty and Staff Work System Work from home as needed.
Meetings Online meetings are recommended.
Face-to-face meetings can be held with care to prevent the spread of infection.
Students and visitors Students should refrain from going to school as much as possible.
Refrain from allowing off-campus visitors to enter the campus and school buildings.
Students (teachers, contractors, etc.) from out of Hokkaido are not allowed to enter the campus or school buildings.
Student activities In principle, circle activities and extracurricular activities are prohibited.
As a general rule, the use of the Circle Building is prohibited, and participation in meetings where a large number of people (generally 10 or more) gather, both on campus and off, is prohibited.
Part-time jobs that mainly involve customer service can be carried out with caution.

【Class of the first semester】

In the first semester, Hokusei holds a non-face-to-face classes (including remote and online classes). However, for some classes for which face-to-face classes are deemed absolutely necessary, there is a possibility that face-to-face classes will be offered again gradually in early July, in accordance with the following manner.

  • This includes courses related to practical training and experiments for the acquisition of qualifications, etc., conducted at campus.
  • Added to the above, subjects that are conducted in small groups, such as "thesis guidance" and "seminars" can be included (if the restrictions are further loosened.)
  • If face-to-face classes are to be held, students will be notified at least two weeks prior to the starting date.
  • Hokusei will implement thorough infection prevention measures such as seating arrangements, ventilation, and sanitization to avoid "three densities".
  • For students who do not want to go to school for some reason, Hokusei will consider offering remote learning and other options.



In Stage 2, students will be asked to refrain from going to school as much as possible. In addition to the use of computer labs for non-face-to-face classes, the library, which is very important for teaching and research, will be reopened in stages with thorough measures against infectious diseases. We will also continue to check school attendance records in case of an outbreak of infection.

For details:

Facilities information –

Library –

Seikyo –


【Club and Extracurricular Activities】

The general prohibition on face-to-face club and extracurricular activities, as well as the use of the circle building, will continue.