Response to the "State of Emergency", " Specified Warning Prefectures" and "Governor's Request for Temporary Leave of Absence

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Response to the "State of Emergency", " Specified Warning Prefectures" and "Governor's Request for Temporary Leave of Absence


1.The "Crisis Management Stage" at Hokusei Gakuen University

Hokusei Gakuen University's first priority in responding to this crisis is to protect the lives and health of the faculty, staff, students, and their families , and to minimize the risk of infection from the new coronavirus and protect a safe and secure campus.
In order to respond more appropriately and flexibly to this crisis, we have set the "Crisis Management Stage for Preventing the Spread of the New Coronavirus at Hokusei Gakuen University" as a basis for university operations, and have decided to carry out activities in accordance with the stage of the crisis in terms of the faculty's academic response, faculty and staff working system, meetings, students and visitors, and student activities.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Japanese government has declared a state of emergency and Hokkaido has been designated as a special warning prefecture. In addition, on April 20, the Governor of Hokkaido requested that the university be closed for the period of May 6. The University is now approaching the level of Stage 3 (Limited - Large) from the current Stage 2 (Limited - Medium), and is taking the following actions
It is regrettable that the educational activities of the university will be restricted, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in order to protect the "life" and "health" of everyone who comes to Hokusei.

2.Semester Schedule
All semester classes are considered to be "non-face-to-face" classes.
International Exchange Curriculum Course: April 27 - July 31
General courses for degree-seeking (only for students with N2 or higher): April 27 - August 14
During this time, classes will be conducted in the form of remote learning using Moodle and Zoom.

However, classes for the first period (April 27 - May 1) will be canceled on a special basis.
Please note that the actual start of classes will be the "week of May 11".
Classes that have been cancelled will be made up on the " regular make-up day", distance learning, and assignment research equivalent to what is assigned in class..

The last day after the change is July 31.
Please check with your school again to confirm if you have to leave before this date due to your school's schedule or any other reasons. If you have to return home, please contact the International Office.

If you find it difficult to participate in classes from your room due to equipment or communication problems, you may use the on-campus Computer Lab.

3.Important Notes

Request to students and visitors to the university:
・Do not come to school. The use of the Computer Lab (when the PC, etc. is not available at home) is excluded.
・Visitors from outside the university are not allowed to enter the campus or school buildings.
・Students (teachers, contractors, etc.) from out of Hokkaido are not allowed to enter the campus or school buildings.
・In principle, circle activities and extracurricular activities are not allowed.
・In principle, the use of the Circle Building is not allowed.
・Refrain from participating in meetings with a large number of people (generally 10 or more), both inside and outside the university.
・If you go to a part-time job that mainly involves serving customers, be sure to pay close attention to prevention.

We also ask that you continue to do the following:
・Do not go out without necessity and buy daily necessities and food as few times as possible.
・Refrain from going to places like downtown, izakaya, bars, karaoke, and live houses.
・Whenever possible, refrain from traveling by subway or bus.

●Attendance system and office hours for faculty and staff
Hokusei has decided that the work restrictions and work-at-home system will be in place until May 6. As a result of this change, office/administrative staff will work in shifts and have a reduced work schedule. As a result, it may take longer than usual to respond to various inquiries.
In accordance with this, the office hours are now 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
However, in the case of urgent matters related to international students (e.g., the occurrence of unwell people in Kirari), the staff of the International Education Office will respond promptly through the security guard, so please let us know immediately if you have any problems.