Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Infection in Face-to-Face Classes in the Spring Semester (For Exchange Students)

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Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Infection in Face-to-Face Classes in the Spring Semester (For Exchange Students)


June 6th, 2020


1. Partial implementation of spring semester face-to-face classes and formulation of guidelines

Hokkaido has stated that we will implement the "New Hokkaido Style" while gradually easing restrictions. After careful consideration, Hokusei has decided to start face-to-face classes for some subjects in the two phases as follows.
However, face-to-face instruction is not available in International Exchange Courses (including Japanese) for exchange students. Students who are taking general courses for degree-seeking students at Hokusei, please follow the instructions of the teacher of each course.

From July 20th (Mon.) ~
A. Practical and laboratory subjects that are only possible through face-to-face interaction
② From July 27th (Mon.) ~
The schedule for in-person classes will be announced by July 13 (Mon.)
B. Subjects that require face-to-face instruction to be effective for equipment reasons.
C. Some subjects, such as "Research and thesis guidance" and " Seminars" conducted in small groups (up to about 30 students)
・ In consideration of students who do not wish to come to school, classes will only be held in combination with non-face-to-face instruction (e.g., online).
・A combination of face-to-face and non-face-to-face instruction does not affect your grade.

These guidelines are designed to ensure that face-to-face classes can be conducted with consideration to the prevention of the spread of new corona virus. Students are asked to act in accordance with these.
If the infection spreads again and an infection alert is issued, the contents of this document will be changed.

2. Measures to Prevent the Spread of Infection in Some Face-to-Face Classes
① Precautions for Going and Commuting to School
・ Please refrain from coming to school if you feel any unusual physical condition.

② Precautions for Entering the Campus Buildings
・Make sure to wear a face-mask when entering the campus buildings.
・Temporary hand washing area is available on campus. Students are required to wash their hands with soap and water before entering the building. Hand rubbing alcohol is available at the entrance. Be sure to dry your hands before using it, as it is not effective if your hands are wet.
・ Please wash and disinfect your hands frequently both before and after classes in the building.
・Be sure to bring a handkerchief or something to wipe your hands.
・When you enter the school building, touch your student ID card on the card reader to check your exit record.
・Entrance and exit are restricted: Enter through the entrance of Building A and exit through the entrance ofBuilding C.

Note that all the side entrances except for the above Building A entrance are locked.


・In the school building, refrain from chatting in small spaces to reduce the risk of droplet infection. Please use the stairs whenever possible to avoid congestion in the elevators.
・Students must record the facilities and classrooms they used on campus on the day they attended school on the Activity Record Sheet

③ Precautions for Use of Classrooms and Practice Rooms
・In the classroom, students must not be seated at a desk with a sign that says "Do not use" to avoid crowding.Keep a physical distance from each other and follow the instructions of teacher.
・At the beginning and end of class time, the chimes will ring and an announcement will be broadcast encouraging students to keep disinfection. Please be sure to listen it and wash your hands.
・Help your teacher when open the window to ventilate the classroom.

3. Measures to Prevent the Spread of Infection in Campus
・ Teachers holding face-to-face classes will wear a face mask. Face guards will also be used if necessary.
・All classrooms are continuously ventilated by the ventilation system.
・The same applies to the corridors and lounges. Please do not close the windows.
・Classroom desks, computers and other equipment in the labs are cleaned daily after school with a sanitizing detergent.
・Shared areas in the school building are cleaned at least once a day with a sanitizing detergent.
・In order to prevent infection, all trash cans will be removed from the classroom. Please take trash home to dispose of it.

4. How to Take Care of Your Condition and Spend Your Daily Life.
Please make every effort to prevent infection by adopting the "New Lifestyle" and "New Hokkaido Style"shown by the government.

●What you must follow in your daily life
・If you feel any of the symptoms of a cold, abnormalities in the sense of taste or smell, or fatigue, please contact the International Office first. Please let us know. You must remain in your room until you receive instructions from us.
・Be sure to contact a medical institution before you visit one, even if it is not just for the symptoms of corona-virus.
・Don't go to a poorly ventilated area or a space where people are crowded together.
・When eating out, sit side by side, not face-to-face.
・Don't talk loudly in a small space without a mask on.

●Useful Apps:
・COCOA”, a new corona-virus contact checking app
・“Hokkaido New corona-virus Notification System”
・Information from Ministry of Health,  laborer and Welfare of Japan